The Future Of Adelaide Solar Power

Residential solar systems have come a long way in South Australia in the last 10 years. John Grainger, a long time Adelaide solar systems ‘guru’ offers the following insights into the future of residential solar panels systems in Adelaide, South Australia. The cost of solar panels systems has come down by 70 percent since 2011 and tin October 2016 a 5 K watt solar system, fully installed in Adelaide would typically cost between $6,000 and $9,500 depending on the quality of the solar panels used, the quality of the solar inverter and the installation costs involved. South Australia leads all Australian states in the percentage of homes that have a solar system installed and South Australia now generates more than 50 percent of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources – mainly solar power and wind power.

Where Solar Is Headed In South Australia – Solar Battery Storage

solar-panelsWe see the future for residential solar as being solar systems installed in your average family home that have a sophisticated battery solar storage system integrated into the system. We are already seeing a huge and rapid uptake in solar battery storage systems even if the financial ‘benefits’ of battery storage units does not make 100 percent sense, given the current pricing structure of these units. The main players in the S.A. solar battery storage area is Tesla from the U.S. and Panasonic from Japan. Typical systems being installed are relatively small – in the 3kwh to 5 kwh range. These small battery systems would typically run a households electrical appliance needs at night for around 2 to 3 hours. To become truly ‘grid independent’, meaning that you no longer need to rely on the S.A. grid supplied electricity, most homes would require up to 20 kwh of solar battery storage. The current cost of a 20 kwh storage unit would be around $35,000. This would make the financial ‘payback’ period for installing this sized solar storage unit around 20+ years, however with the increasing cost of grid supplied power in S.A. the returns could become more attractive over the next 3-5 years.

High Efficiency Solar Panels.

Many home owners are looking to install the next generation of solar panels, when considering a new solar installation in Adelaide. The latest high efficiency solar panels are now reaching efficiencies of 19 percent – a far cry from the earlier monocrystalline panels that had solar efficiencies of closer to 12 percent. Higher efficiency solar panels equate to a higher electrical power output of a solar system for a fixed area of roof space to accommodate the solar panels. It can also mean fewer solar panels are required to ‘build a ‘standard’ 5 kw solar system.

New emerging technologies  such as higher conductivity semiconductors mean that the potential costs of solar panels can potentially come down by around a further 40 percent from 2016 solar panel prices. The possibility of solar systems being able to be on ‘parity’ with grid supplied electricity is possible less than 10 years away. This will be a total ‘game changer’ for Adelaide residents wanting a green, clean way to generate their own electrical power and be free from grid supplied power. Exciting times for green energy in South Australia.

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