GreenSmartLiving E-Cig Review

GreenSmartLiving E-Cig Review

Part of working towards being a more sustainable citizen, is working towards using more environmentally friendly products in your everyday life. As a long time smoker, I finally made the switch in 2010 to using e-cigarettes. In November of 2011 I made the conscious effort to go green and started purchasing GreenSmartLiving e-cigs, and haven’t touched a real cigarette since.

Have you ever thought about the overall environmental effect worldwide smokers have on this planet? The reality is that the effects go far beyond just the carcinogenic smoke released into the air after taking a drag of a cigarette. So, what is the overall significance of one tiny cigarette on the environment? If you answered “Not much.”, you’re wrong. Add up the estimated one billion worldwide smokers and 12 billion cigarettes that are smoked every single day, the results are much more serious than one would initially think..

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The truth is, the tobacco industry’s environmental impact reaches far beyond the cigarettes people smoke every day. That’s why GreenSmartLiving has put together a visual snapshot of the true impact tobacco has on the world, from production to consumption. See it all for yourself.

The nicotine used in GreenSmartLiving products is derived completely from sustainably grown plant sources.  By eliminating your own dependency on Big tobacco,  you are making a smart and sustainable decision that helps protect the environment.

Because GreenSmartLiving e-cigs are rechargeable and recyclable, you also reduce landfill, unlike most other disposable e-cigarettes. If you save your used cartridges and send them in to their recycle program, they’ll even give you a 20% discount on your next purchase as a thank you. It’s just another reason GreenSmartLiving is better for the planet and another simple way to make you a sustainable citizen!

The Green Smart Living product line is realistically priced, has a variety of flavors, and has solid nicotine reduction options for their cartridges all the way down down to “0”. The company gives back % of profit to the American Lung Association, offers a 20% discount to users who recycle their used cartridges and currently offers free shipping from their website along with a 30 day money back warranty.

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