Exercises for Sciatica

chapter 3

I have suffered from extreme sciatica pain for years now. Just recently things took a turn for the worse and I was unable to continue work due to the extreme daily pain. I started doing some online research on how I could finally relieve this pain. I was desperate and ready to try just about anything. What I discovered what this 9 chapter video series of exercises for sciatica.  The exercise routines are designed to help relieve sciatica in a progressive step by step format.


First of all, I found all of the chapters very informative, easy to follow, and each one helped me progress to a more pain free state.  Each chapter has individual learning objectives, and a self exit test to make sure you’re ready to move forward to the next chapter. I liked this because it forced me to slow down and continue a specific exercise before hastily moving on to the next chapter and subsequent exercises.


There is a ton of extremely useful information, as well as at least 25 videos of exercises, including McKenzie exercises as well as an entire discussion forum dedicated to exercises to relieve sciatica pain. While my sciatica pain didn’t completely disappear instantly, it did get better within the first 5 minutes of practicing the first exercise. This instant relief was a sign I was on the right track and I decided to continue moving forward with the rest of the exercises. All in all, it took me about three months to go through all of the chapters and fully relieve my sciatica pain, but I was constantly progressing through those three months, and things only got better from the get go.


If you have severe sciatica pain, I’d recommend giving this video series a chance to prove that you don’t have to live with never ending Sciatic nerve pain.

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  1. Dr. Snell says:

    Jason, thanks for your kind review of our site, FixYourOwnBack.com! Much work went into synthesizing the accumulation of about 6 different veins of clinical rehab research and 10 years applying that model in clinical practice. I’m glad to see the model fares well in an online medium. Be well, and I hope you continue to feel better!

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