Using an Environmental Consultant for Contaminated Land

Environmental Consultants are becoming a must have for a lot of business that produce contaminated waste such as soil, packaging, and land to name just a few.  On this basis, let us look deeper at just what environmental consultants do and how they may be able to assist you if you have an issue with (potential) land contamination…..

What is an Environmental Consultant?

An environmental consultant is a person that works on commercial or governmental contracts to address a variety of environmental issues across a range of disciplines that can include:

  • Air assessments
  • Water and Land contamination
  • Environmental Audits / Reports

amongst others.

When dealing with land contaminations you are more likely to hear them referred to as contaminated land consultants.

What kind of report can a Contaminated Land Consultant provide for you?

Environmental Consultants can provide a range of reports to assist you, including what is known in the industry as a ‘Phase 1 Desk Study Report’ which is pretty much designed to assess the potential of there being contamination in a particular piece of land.

What are the benefits to me of having a Phase 1 Desk Study Report completed?

  1. It ensures you are staying compliant
  2. It ensures you are protecting human health and that of the environment
  3. If it comes back and suggests that the land you are wanting to use for your project may not be suitable then it provides a great, pragmatic course of action for phase 2 site investigation (find out more about these online).

What does a Phase 1 Desk Study Report include?

A Phase 1 Desk Study Report includes the following as standard:

  • Environmental setting- surrounding land use and ecosystems
  • Expected geology, hydrogeology and proximity to controlled water
  • Flood Risk
  • Detailed site history (with reference to potentially contaminating activities)
  • Contaminant sources potentially present on and around the site
  • Receptors potentially at risk (e.g. people property, water, ecosystems)
  • Pathways for potential exposure
  • Expert judgement on the significance of potential pollutant linkages identified
  • Level of risk clearly communicated in relation to previous, current and any proposed use
  • Recommendations


Who can I contact to discuss this in more detail?

If you want to speak to a contaminated land / environmental consultant then visit where you will find a variety of contact methods enabling you to speak with them.


Adeptus provide environmental consultancy and project management services nationally and are based in offices in the northwest of England.  They can handle projects of any shape or size, and have a multidiscipline team ready to assist you with land contamination and much more.

Make things easy, let Adeptus do they work whilst you sit back and feel fully confident that you are in the hands of fully qualified professionals.

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