The Growing Uses of Activated Carbon In Our Environment and At Home

Activated carbon has grown in use and application over the past several decades. It initially found its usefulness in the environment; helping to remove impurities and other harmful materials from our soils and water.

Active carbon is microcrystalline structured materials that have undergone structural repairs and pore better. Large surface area and pore structure nano-sized activated carbon is accommodated by making material this highly effective and efficient use as adsorbant material. Through 2 stage of process, namely: the process of carbonization material of organic & process activation using the activation agent charcoal, coconut shell charcoal as agricultural waste is converted into high-quality carbon material.

During the carbonization process, non-organic material such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen lost as a volatile gas. Meanwhile, the carbon structure forms randomly reorder and leaving small cracks which subsequently evolved into nano-sized pores. Pores are formed to accommodate the large surface area so that the activated carbon is favored its use in the purification process, adsorption, filtration, etc.. Not only that, as a result of chemical processing, the carbon surface is a very active site to attract materials of organic / inorganic substances such as toxins, dyes, odor, etc..

Okay, so put another way, activated carbon adsorbs stuff. Material and “bad stuff” we don’t want in various things (soil, water, gases, etc) get attracted to activated carbon (it actually sticks to the surface area) and ultimately gets removed. It doesn’t absorb like a sponge would. It simply attracts material to it’s surface – adsorbs.

Below are some of the advantages of using activated carbon materials, namely:

  1. A long lifetime due to the pore structure and large surface area.
  2. The nature of violence is good so that is not easily broken and eroded.
  3. Good adsorption ability because it has a high number lodine.
  4. It’s relatively inexpensive to use.
  5. Processed with production standards to produce consistent and measurable quality of the uniform.

Common Ways It Is Used

Medium Grade

This grade of activated carbon is often use for various water purification processes. This can include purifying our drinking water or even ground water that so often has toxins and other material that could be harmful to the environment. The purification of food also benefits from activated carbon. Heck, it is even used to decaffeinate coffee! Yes, this stuff has a wide range of uses, which is why we are seeing it increasingly used for many reasons.

High Grade

The higher grade stuff is often used for gas purification, for pharmaceutical uses and for the removal of metals from various substances in our environment.

Home Use

Individuals can also use activate carbon at home as well. It is used in much the same way as its industrial usage, but for a smaller purpose. Examples of home use include; filtering water in a fish tank and filtering the air of odors. People can buy activated carbon online at places like Amazon or EnviroSupply. You can get it several different types including powder, pellets (good for aquariums) and crystals (granular). Activated carbon is an environmentally-friendly way to purify water, soil and air and is absolutely affordable.

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