Educating the Youth of Today to be Sustainable Citizen’s of Tomorrow

Being a sustainable citizen doesn’t just mean taking actionable steps in your own daily life. It also means educating our youth to be sustainable and encouraging them to take similar actionable steps, as they will ultimately become the leaders of tomorrow. In a world full of technology, it’s often the many different media outlets that make significant impressions on our children. So the question becomes, how can we utilize media to educate our youth to grow up learning sustainable practices they can take with them in to their adult lives? That is where Planet Blue comes in. Planet Blue seeks to change the world for the better by educating future generations with popular media, such as children’s TV shows and kids video games. By providing children positive and engaging entertainment, they hope to educate them to be environmentally aware and value sustainability.

The first installation of Planet Blue educational media sources is a unique children’s tv show. Watch the quick video preview above to get a feel for the kind topics and values they strive to teach today’s youth. It starts out with a group of kids who make a new friend, Planet Blue. Planet Blue is an animated character based on planet Earth, who designated the kids “Planet Blue Savers”, who earn the special privilege to go on journeys anywhere there is a need on the planet. Their first mission is going to the rain forest where there are a variety of other animated animals who are losing their home due to clear-cutting and deforestation. The kids learn the value of saving the homes of endangered species, and discover that recycling is just one easy thing we can all do to participate in saving the rain forest and the animals that call it home.

The second installation of the Planet Blue media sources is an educational video game, allowing children to interact in a virtual world with fun games that have a valuable message. Watch the video above to see the many different interactive mini-games kids can play to learn about the environment and sustainability.  Providing interactive elements allows children to immerse themselves in a unique educational world, and work through the problems together to learn a variety of fun facts and sustainable practices. Unlike most video games, this one has an important message, but certainly doesn’t lack fun and exciting games to keep the kids entertained.

The Planet Blue television series and interactive 3D video games are just a couple ways we can provide our youth fun and exciting resources that are also educational. Utilizing games and television with a focused message allows children to have fun while learning important values, including environmental conservation and protecting animal habitats around the World. If you want to learn more about Planet Blue and where to watch the show or access the video game, you can visit their website here and use their contact form to learn more. If nothing else, it’s important for us to be aware that resources such as these exist and subjecting our children to multimedia outlets that convey a message we can identify with is an important and simple step we can all take to be sustainable citizen’s.

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  1. Susan Kinard says:

    A great article and my kids really enjoyed watching the preview of Planet Blue. I’m sure this tv series will be a huge hit, its very well done and the environmental messages are important for the next generation to understand early in life.

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