Easy Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and with a lot of you asking me what I prefer to do on this special day for my mother, I decided to write a quick post about my annual tradition. Every year I send my mother flowers and taker her out to dinner. I typically try to time it so the flowers arrive on the Monday after Mother’s Day, making it an unexpected surprise. Even after years of sending my mother flowers on the day after Mother’s Day, the surprise may be a thing of the past, but that feeling of appreciation and the joy of Mother’s Day last for another week. A truly beautiful Mother’s Day flower arrangement creates memories that last.

If you’re anything like me and you’ve been buying your mother flowers for years, you probably already know what her favorite flowers are.  For instance, I know to get my mother roses and/or carnations. If you’re not sure what flowers your mother prefers, some of the most common Mothers Day flower arrangements include carnations, roses, sunflowers, tulips, orchids, lilies, and violets. If you feel hesitant about which flowers to include in your Mother’s Day arrangement, you can always talk to a florist or explore the many different custom Mothers Day packages you see online.

Mothers-Day-FlowersLast year I purchased my Mother’s Day flower arrangement from Flora 2000. In all the years I’ve been doing this for my mother, I haven’t been more please with the service and flowers she received last year. I can safely say she loved them as well. Their next day FedEx shipping allowed me to ensure she got the freshest flowers on the day that I wanted her to get them. Sometimes timing is everything. This year I’ve decided to get her the Mother’s Day Blooms with complimentary pink vase (see image), which is currently $40 off. It includes roses and mini carnations, just like I know she likes. Additionally, I’ve found a really great discount code, 15MOMMY, which offers an additional 15% OFF my order (valid through May 10, 2015).

While this will only be my 2nd year purchasing from Flora 2000, I had such a great experience last year and my mother was extremely happy with the arrangement she received, I feel confident they will follow through with the same level of quality and service I received last year. I also spoke with an agent via their live support chat link just last week who was able to help answer my questions I initially had regarding international shipping. While I live in the United States, I know some of my readers do not, and Flora 2000 ships to 190 different countries. While I haven’t utilized their international shipping yet, my sister recently moved to New Zealand and I am going to send her flowers as well this Mother’s Day, as she just had a baby boy about 9 months ago.

If you’ve been questioning what to do or what to buy for your mother this year, and especially if your don’t live close to her, I highly recommend going the route of sending her a custom Mother’s Day flower arrangement. Flowers are one of the most traditional ways to show appreciation to the most important women in your life, and who is more important than your very own mother? While any flowers you get are sure to be appreciated, I highly recommend finding the right arrangement that fully expresses your gratitude and fits your mother’s personality.


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