Cooperation at Peak As Environmental Protection Agreement Signed Between Nornickel and Murmansk Governments

Being the world’s leading nickel and palladium producer, Nornickel has also risen to recent fame for its great contribution in the world of environmental protection. With the recent signing of the cooperation agreement, both sides agree to work for the betterment and protection of the environment. Let’s take a closer in depth look at the impact this agreement can have and what details it encompasses.

March 28th, 2017- Cooperation Agreement Signing

Environmental campaigns in Russia are not a rare sight to be seen. On March 28th, 2017 an agreement was signed between the Vice President of Nornickel and the Governor of Murmansk region. The two agreements are part of the environmental campaigns that include the Year of Specially Protected Natural Areas and the Year of Environmental Protection.

What are the aims of the Cooperation Agreement

The aims of the Cooperation Agreement include the following:

  • Conservation of the natural ecosystems of Russia
  • Conservation of the natural landscapes located in the peninsula of Kola
  • Cooperation on the rights of environmental investment projects that are based on Nornickel’s capital.

Why does Nornickel choose to tackle environmental issues?

Nornickel has always worked hard and strived for environmental rights. It holds the belief of tackling environmental issues as their primary focus. A Nornickel development strategy was brought up with the main aim of tackling environmental requirements in the most effective manner possible. To have a safer and healthier environment or surrounding will lead to a healthier society.

What main aspects does the Environmental Protection Program cover?

The Environmental Protection Program aims to cover a certain number of key aspects. Firstly, the main focus is on controlling air emissions, which can be lead to be a hazard to the atmosphere we breathe in. Secondly, abatements in chemical effluents can help stop pollution of the environment we live in. Thirdly, a lot of emphasis is placed upon safe and effective storage of waste. Other than this, the company plans to make further investments in order to set up surveillance equipment as well as place ecological trails.

Has any progress been made up to date on the Environmental Protection Program?

Recently, a number of efforts have been made by Nornickel in terms of environmental protection. A number of projects have been established and they include the following:

  1. Nickel Refining project in Monchegorsk for the recycling of salt effluent- this is a great initiative taken for protection from pollution due to Nickel production by the Kola MMC.
  2. Zapolyarny Ore-briquetting shop built- The effective purpose of doing so was to cause a reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions that number to several thousand tonnes per year.
  3. Up gradation of the Ore-Thermal Furnace 5 of the smelting shop in Nikel- this made it not only conserve energy to a greater extent but also established it as an eco- efficient option.

The purpose behind Nornickel’s drive and motivation towards a healthier and better environment can clearly be seen through the signing of this agreement. By showing support for a great number of projects located in the Murmansk region, Nornickel shows us the immense importance of nature conservation so future generations of locals can view their diverse flora and species. 

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