All About Rak Tamachat Permaculture Training

Rak Tamachat is a permaculture education center that is located on a fifty-acre commercial rice and corn farm. The center is strategically placed in the plateau of Korat found in the central rural Thailand. Rak Tamachat center is operated by Panya Yamo LTD. It is actually a young site that has the chance of learning on developing an integrated permaculture system with all major elements.

Rak Tamachat center has incorporated with a Thai family. This is a family that practices traditional subsistence-level farming. They usually focus on the production of corn and rice products and also managing very many varieties of livestock including fish, pigs, ducks and chicken. Rak Tamachat’s goal is to help the Thai family in transitioning to use new systems since the permaculture systems are proven and established to work in that particular environment. Through this, a viable and proven plan of transition will be created for all the interested local farmers who they will, in turn, give some training at their education center. Get to learn all that is done at Rak Tamachat

Permaculture is practised at Rak Tamachat on large scale. With the use of their new systems, they are too striving to have all the integrated animal systems into their design of permaculture.

At Rak Tamachat, there is a Thai Core Community and westerners who live and work together on the farm. Their work in the farm is to make the transition to a Dynamic Permaculture and integrated farm from the existing mono-cultured rice and corn farm. The basis of Rak Tamachat’s Natural Building Education Center and Permaculture is the transition from a farming system that is destructive to a system that is holistic.

Rak Tamachat usually receives so many visitors throughout. The visitors can be students, guests from within or outside the state, or even Thai members of the local village. Once you visit the place, you are thought all that is carried out on the farm. In Rak Tamachat, there is a belief of pay it forward. After receiving education from some of the representatives in the farm, it is your opportunity to make any changes that you may wish to see in the world.

Rak Tamachat is able to support thirteen full-time community members on their seventy-five-acre land. They are also capable of hosting guests and students from any part of the world all year round. They usually enjoy a perfect classroom environment from their large farm, transition and their daily operations. Here is where they will teach others on all how to transition from monoculture to the new known sustainable permaculture.

Rak Tamachat has an average community population of around fifteen. This population can at times go up or down depending on the seasons. It may seem to be a challenge to deal with this large population but at Rak Tamachat, they have facilities that are designed based on the principles of permaculture and built with some techniques of Natural Building that help to deal with the large population they host. Get to know more today.

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